Al Qudra and Love Lake

Al Qudra and Love Lake in Dubai, UAE

Al Qudra and love lake is 30 min drive from Dubai city. However, this has become one of the most popular tourist spots for the residents of Dubai to spend their weekends or long holidays.

Since this is the best BBQ spot in Dubai, People from all over the city pack up their barbeque toolbox to spend the night at this desert oasis to enjoy their leisure time with family or friends.

Al Qudra and love lake is an artificial desert oasis, that consists of many manmade lakes and wild animals surrounded by sand dunes.

This is a must-visit place for the people who need a break from the bright city lights and need to get some authentic desert vibes. Al Qudra is the home for different varieties of birds and animals

This desert oasis gained much popularity recently due to love lakes, a recently added attraction at this area. The growing popularity of this entwined gigantic love shaped lakes surely be one of the reasons to make this place a favourite winter camping spot among friends gangs and families in Dubai.

Favourite for cyclists

Al Qudra is the favourite place for cyclists. There is an 86 km cycling path, which is known to be the best cycle track in Dubai. When a drive to Al Qudra lakes you will get a view of both leisure and professional cyclists riding through the trail.

There is a bicycle store for people looking for a rental bicycle or cycle workshop at Al Qudra. They have cycle equipment available there.


On a visit to this place, I always wonder how well maintained the lakes and nature are!. Even it is in the middle of the desert and 1000 of people coming here on a daily basis, bringing food with them and making barbeque in the bank of lakes, but still, it’s clean and tidy.

There was no leftover food, no plastic covers, no empty water bottles. Dubai has its strict policy for cleanliness and people lives in this city ought to be stick to their policy and rules.

I wish my country adapt such policies, that many of the developed countries are strictly following.

Love lake in Dubai

Dubai love lake

Dubai never misses a chance to make people amazed with its architectural and creative designs.

Love lake at Al Qudra is the latest addition to the stunning creativity of this well-maintained city.

Dubai love lake is the two interconnected heart-shaped lakes, that defines pure love. This is an amazing place to watch the beauty of the sunset. There are many wooden and love shaped decorations all over the lake.

These lakes are too giant that in fact, it is visible from space. Also, Google Maps satellite imaging shows the complete picture.

Besides all, This popular destination opens a great opportunity for budding photographers to prove their skills. Moreover, People visit here definitely get some stylish and classy Instagram clicks.

A drone can get stunning pictures and videos if you have one. But make sure you get the necessary permit before using it.

Entry fee to this beautiful Dubai love lake is absolutely free. That is, I must say rarely you would get a free entry to a most beautiful tourist destination. So This is surely a must-visit place for the Dubai residents and also for people who happened to be at this city.

It is guaranteed that in return, you will get some quality time and memories with your family or friends and also some great clicks.

Things to remember before heading there.

  • Bring water and snacks, there is no shop nearby. And there is no washroom facility available in this area.
  • If you want to use drone and take aerial images, do take necessary permits.
  • There is a certain area for barbeque and camping.
  • Feeding the animals and fishes over there is prohibited.
  • It is completely an outdoor spot in the middle of the desert so recommended time to visit is during winter.

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