Al Wasit wetland Sharjah

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Wasit Natural Reserve in Shariah is a conservative area with connecting ponds and open lake. One of the peaceful area, which is famous among both locals and tourists. This is the best place to visit in Sharjah.

wasit wetland centre sharjah

Wasit Wetland Reserve is encircled by trees that help to improve the air quality and diminish global warming.

This stunning landscape is home to numerous types of migrant and rare birds, bugs and reptiles.

A few species at the waist wetland have been recorded in the UAE for the first time.

History of wasit wet land in shariah

wasit wetland centre

Before it turned into a beautiful nature reserve, the area was a wasteland, used for discarding waste materials.

In 2007, it was announced a “PROTECTED AREA” by the Emiri Decree No. (7) Issued by Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.

The recovery work started in 2010. Later in 2015, it transformed into a 20-acres nature reserve for local and migratory birds.

Then in November 2015, the centre started to welcome visitors and bird watchers.

al wasit wetland sharjah

Now, Wasit Wetland has a transparent bird watching gallery and eight bird observation structures.

In 2019, the Wasit Wetland Center got the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. It is one of the principal projects in the UAE, which is shortlisting for this award.

The Wasit Wetland Center means to ensure the indigenous habitat in Sharjah, also to contribute to the advancement of eco-tourism. Furthermore, This centre is the first of its sort in a wetland in the GCC nations.

What to Expect at the Wasit Wetland Nature Reserve Sharjah?

bird sanctuary sharjah

There are more than 200 species of birds are there in the centre including heron, purple swamphen, white ibises etc.

So bird watchers can spend a quality time over here watching different species of birds through binoculars.

Tourists especially come here to watch endangered Arabian oryx, the national animal of the UAE. The Al Wasit Wetland Nature Reserve in Sharjah is an ideal spot to find out about The UAE’s wildlife.

al waseet sharjah

The guides at the reserve give learning opportunity for visitors by sharing information about species and also there are many exciting activities for kids to enjoy their day out at this wetland.

What are the Wasit Wetland Reserve Timing?

The opening times for the Al Wasit Wetland Nature Reserve Center in Sharjah are 09:00 am to 06:30 pm aside from Tuesday and Friday.

Fridays: timings are from 02:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Tuesday: Closed

What is the Wasit Wetland Reserve Entry Fee?

Adult: AED 15

Kids under 12 year: Free

What is the Wasit Wetland Nature Reserve Location?

Wasit wet land centre location is Ramtha area close to Al Wasit in Sharjah.

Following a satisfying day of exploring the wildlife at waist wetland centre, you could roll over to one of the numerous spots to visit in Sharjah like Al Majaz Waterfront which is ideal for a family dinner out. This two spots in Sharjah are the best place to visit with kids, the Al Majaz waterfront host many activities for kids to enjoy their evenings.

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