Avocado Milkshake

Let see how to make an avocado shake, before that let just has quick details about avocado fruit.


Avocado protein
Avocado is a superfood which is rich in nutrients. The people on a weight loss diet plan or weight maintenance plan used to include avocado in their daily diet.
There are many ways you can include avocado in your diet plan. There are many recipes available on the internet, the avocado milkshake is one among them. This is an easy recipe that everyone can try out. This is one of the super tasty drink that is healthy too.
For a delicious avocado shakes need an avocado, milk, sugar, boost/chocolate powder and honey. Sugar and chocolate or boost are entirely optional but it enhances the taste. If you are looking for a healthy recipe then avoid those.

Avocado Shake Ingredients:

Avocado:                               1 Perfectly Ripen.
Milk:                                      1 Glass.
Sugar:                                    1 Teaspoon.(Optional)
Boost/Chocolate powder:  1 Teaspoon(Optional)
Honey                                    1Table spoon

Preparation of Avacado shake


Cut the avocado into two pieces vertically. Take out the seed and scoop out the fleshy part by using a spoon.

Step 2:

Put the Pulp into a Blender or Juicer and add a glass of milk. If you are adding sugar or chocolate powder, add it now to get it mixed with avocado and milk well.

Step 3

Spread the honey in the glass. Pour the juice into the glass and decorate with honey on top.
The healthy and tasty avocado milkshake is now ready to serve
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