Blog about health food and travel

A blog About Health Food And Travel

This is a personal blog that contains common topics like health, food and travel. Here I write my ideas or shares the knowledge gained from different resources.

Health is the category which contains posts about health tips like which food should we include in our daily diet, How to fill the daily necessity of vitamins and minerals of our body.

Category food provides simple and different food recipes. Since the recipes here are so easy everyone can try to make those at home.

Travel contains the details of places that I have visited or wish to visit someday in future and this might also contain the histories of important places around the world.

About Me

Blogger, blogging about health tips, travel, recipes

Digital Marketer by profession. Wish To be a blogger since my college days. I love reading books that help to be an improved version of mine each day. Writing on my diary on something that weighed on my mind gets me relaxed.

This is a personal blog which contains health tips, travels and recipes of different cuisines mostly Indian cuisines.