Easy Mango Pickle Kerala Style

Mango Pickle

Vishu is coming so let’s start with an addictive side dish for sadhya. Pickles are an integral part of Kerala sadhya and other Indian cuisines. A combination of a mouth-watering mixture of spices and aromatic smell makes people addictive to this Kerala style mango pickle.

Easy mango pickle recipe is straight from the traditional Kerala kitchen. You can customize according to your taste, like how much heat, salt and spices you need. Let’s start preparing Kerala style easy mango pickle.


  1. Mango                                -6No
  2. Ginger(Chopped)               -1.5teaspoon
  3. Garlic(Chopped)                 -2 teaspoon
  4. Curry leaves                       -2 to 3 Springs
  5. Chilli Powder                       -6 teaspoon
  6. Turmeric Powder                 -0.5 Teaspoon
  7. Asafoetida(Kayam)              -0.5 teaspoon
  8. Green Chilli(Chopped)         -5 Pieces
  9. Fenugreek Powder(Uluva)   -3/4 teaspoon
  10. Vinegar                                 -6Teaspoon
  11. Salt                                       -to taste
  12. Gingerly Oil                          -6teaspoon
  13. Mustard Seeds  ( powder)    -1/3 teaspoon
  14. Mustard Seeds                     -1/3 teaspoon

Steps to make mango pickle Kerala Style

Step 1:

Mango slices to make pickle

Cut The Mangos into half and slice it into small pieces. Keep those small pieces in a bowl and add some salt. Keep it aside for 2 hours.

Step 2:

Place a pan on the gas stove, add 2 teaspoons of Gingerly oil. Add mustard seeds, when it gets spluttered add curry leaves, Green Chilli, Ginger, and garlic one by one. Keep the flame to low, Saute for a few minutes.

Step 3:

Add chilli powder, Turmeric powder Fenugreek powder, Asafoetida into the above mixture and mix it well for a few seconds. Make sure you keep the stove at low flame because the powder gets burned easily.

Step 4:

raw mango pickle

Add Vinegar and boiled water into it. Close the pan and allows it to boil for a minute or two. Turn off the stove and keep aside to gets it cooled.

Step 5:

Make sure the mixture is in room temperature to add mangos, mix it well. Take an airtight and dry bottle, transfer the pickle into the bottle

Step 6:

Boil the remaining 2 teaspoons of oil, Once it gets cooled pour it on the top of pickle on the bottle, this will protect the pickle from fungus.

Step 7:

Use the pickle after 2 to 3 weeks to get the best taste even though you can start using it immediately.

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