There are many things that affect the healthy living. Here I discuss the things that affect our lives.

There are many ways we can lead healthy lives. The most important among them is following the right diet and proper exercise. However, everyone people don’t put this under the list of priority until getting sick.

I remember a proverb now, prevention is better than cure. So before being sick try to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay away from any disease. Its always better to control junk foods and unhealthy food rather than taking regular medicines after being a sugar patient or anything.

I had PCOD even though I am not a junk food lover, in fact, I am health conscious. I was really upset even after taking care of my health and taking it as my top priority how do I get this disease. But when I started excising regularly the condition becomes normal. now I am completely out of that condition/ that lifestyle diseases.

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