Travel gives memories that will stay forever so try to travel and explore new places. Getting to know new places, people live there gives you a different experience. More than experience travel give you knowledge that will polish your personality day by day. Every place has a different culture and lifestyle. Analysing those cultural difference give you enlightenment. Here I am sharing the places I have visited or wish to travel in future. and also the history of some places that influenced or notices by me.

Tasting many different cuisines and trying those recipes when you get home by searching the internet or Youtube is another experience travelling can provide you. There are many medium anybody can choose to explore places, like by foot, ship, flight, train, bus, car etc. The early travel was dangerous and slower compared to modern day travel facilities. It became easier and advanced nowadays. However, the no of people who choose an adventurous trip is increasing day by day. Maybe only those type of experience could give them more pleasure but I am not a great fan of an adventurous trip.

The first person to travel Asia

There were many people who travelled the world even when there were no proper travel facilities available. Marcopolo was one among them. He was the first and famous European traveller to Asia in 1271-95.

There are many Places one should visit before death. Dubai is one of the most beautiful places one should visit in at least once in a lifetime. But if you are looking for a place where nature places an important role, Kerala and India is the best choice. Kerala is a gods own country, which has many histories and stories to say. India is rich in historical monuments. Let me share some amazing places to visit around the world on this page.